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  1. Yeganeh

    I’m Yeganeh from the south of Iran, I live near Dubai and I’m one of the big bang’s and 2ne1’s big fans!
    I like to know if they come to Dubai for holding concerts… will be great if they come….I really wanna see them

  2. Can

    Its a must to know Korean to audition?
    Because I wanted to audition as a producer even though I have little prior experience.
    Trying to learn how to create music but nobody around me knows so learning from sites even though it doesnt seem to be going anywhere.
    I have a passion for lyrics writing and I’m 16.

  3. Michelle

    Hi I would like to ask what timings yoo in na’s raise the volume is. Is it always live? Im headin to Seoul soon and hope to see her in person. Thanks!

  4. Moya

    I’ve now seen Psy and 2ne1 in America. When/is Big Bang coming? I’d love to see them over here. They’d be perfect for America!

  5. Katrina Kobus

    Where do you enter for the Gangnam Style contest? It’s almost over and we already have a video on youtube but we want to enter it into the contest! Respond asap please!(:

    1. ChristieTeydaddy Post author

      Sorry , I Dont Know YGE Hve Held A “Gangnam Style” Contest .. Is It Official .. ?
      Hm .. YG-E Official Website & Facebook Didnt Announce That They’ve Held A “Gangnam Style”

      Sorry ~ TT

  6. zZGucciZz

    Hi Christie, I’m a fan of Big Bang. Vietnam wishes to VIP Big Bang of Vietnam 1 will show because the show before the members in Big Bang finished the show on the right then that not interact with the fans … We are disappointed.! Thanks 🙂

    1. ChristieTeydaddy Post author

      Unfortunately, they haven’t set up the fanclub for international fans yet. On their website’s FAQ section, they added though that they will be opening one soon

    1. ChristieTeydaddy Post author

      Join the official Korean fanclub. (VIP Japan members have different cards.) one requirement to be an official member is to have a Korean ID (Korean citizen or foreigner living in Korea)

      But The application for VIP4 (The Card) is already over


    CL debut perform in SBS Gayo Daejun (forget ’bout year –” ) w/ YGFamily, right ? When CL was rapping , whoz da boy stands behind her ? He wear black hat and black jacket ? Thanks 🙂

  8. Paolo Tagalag

    Good day YG Family Club! I’m Paolo Tagalag from the Philippines and I want to inquire if you’re looking for a acoustic band?because we(Boys Blending;my band)are interested to be part of your record company….can we send you our demo mp3?IWe looking forward to hearing from you …. Thank you and more power to your company.

    1. ChristieTeydaddy Post author

      The first round of pre-sale or lottery for official VIP Japan members is already over. The second round for fanclub members starts today (until APRIL 9) and public selling will begin on APRIL 28. Where to buy tickets:

      – LAWSON
      – E-PLUS

  9. Christina

    Hi Christie..I am from Malaysia and would like to go BigBang concert in Japan. Do you have any idea on how to purchase their ticket as I already got the flight to there this coming June. But it just so hard for me to get. Is there any way for their Oversea VIP to purchase? Appreciate that.

    1. ChristieTeydaddy Post author

      Hi Christine . .. ,Maybe you can purchase it on G-Market’s Website / BIGBANG’s official website
      But u try to visit G-MARKET’s Website , They have sell the tickets 🙂

      1. Christina

        HI Christie, I have tried..but G-market so far doesn’t have it..their official website mostly for Japanese..I am not staying there so hard to get.. tooo bad urghh

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