Mural in GD’s ‘COUP D’ETAT’ MV Belongs to America’s Famous Contemporary Artist

The music video of G-DRAGON’s new song ‘COUP D’ETAT’ is attracting much attention not only for its music but also for the mural that belongs to a famous American contemporary artist.

The two murals that are centered in the frame of G-DRAGON’s ‘COUP D’ETAT’, which brings in vividly colorful and symbolic objects, belong to an American contemporary artist Harif Guzman.

Harif Guzman, based in New York, started painting on the streets of New York because he did not have money to buy canvases. His remarkable artwork led him to become the icon of street art, creating a whole new genre in the art world.

The love from the public allowed him to hold exhibitions all around the world, and also helped him become part of collaboration exhibition with companies like Ralph Lauren.

The mural that appears in GD’s music video is painted by Harif himself, solely for G-DRAGON.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON penetrated Billboard 200 for two consecutive times, a first for a South Korean artist. Taking into account BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE’ album, ranking 150 in the past, this is GD’s third time to list himself on the chart. Foreign media including FUSE TV and COMPLEX, DAZE &CONFUSED are also spotlighting G-DRAGON. His popularity is simply borderless.

His comeback in 4 years since the 1st album is a huge hit already, ranking #1 on Mnet’s M Countdown with ‘BLACK’, while topping SBS’s Inkigayo on Sept 15 with ‘COUP D’ETAT’.

He was nominated on Inkiagyo with ‘COUP D’ETAT’ and ‘WHO YOU?’. With multiple songs competing to be the top, he has even created a ‘G-DRAGON vs G-DRAGON’ phenomenon.



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