Big Bang’s Seungri vs Solo Singer Seungri vs Celebrity Seungri


This is Seungri, the youngest member of the 7-year-old band Big Bang.

SEUNGRI: The latest debut survival show ‘WIN’ reminds me of the similar show for Big Bang. It is a torture for me to watch the show (laughter). Viewers may not notice it, but the cast members on the show consider it as a documentary program on their life and a piece of drama of desperation. Particularly when I was eliminated and then accepted again, I was in shock. My whole life depended on it. I was afraid of everything after I had been eliminated from the survival show to join Big Bang. I made desperate efforts not to miss another chance given to me (laughter).

There is no competition in Big Bang. Each member does their favorite music within a certain boundary sought by Big Bang. It is fun to get together as Big Bang. I admire and respect the other team members. When an album comes out, we can provide each member with cold and objective comments on it. Such comments never offend them. Big Bang’s strength is that we can discuss anything together.

I wanted to find what I can do best for Big Bang. I am the only member who is cheerful and sociable. I wanted to give entertainment through talking. Fortunately, I received a suggestion to appear on a Japanese TV show regularly and I accepted it. I hope to hear the comment, “Seungri is really good indeed since he is a member of Big Bang.” Big Bang is a team that can exist only when G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri play each part. I want to be a member who can cheer other members up while staying in where I am supposed to be.


I came back as a solo singer Seungri after 2 years and 7 months.

SEUNGRI: It is pleasing and fun to work in Korea after a a long time. I was paying full attention to the response from my first performance. My ambition to do better stressed me out. I worked on the latest album for three months. I was thrilled to prepare for it since CEO Yang Hyun-suk suggested me to do so all of a sudden. I was excited at the thought that he has expectations for me in terms of music.

I have a light image compared to other members due to the image created by appearing on variety shows. That is why I sought change on stage all the more. I changed my hairstyle and chose a suit look. I wanted to show a heavy image on stage, not a light one as the youngest member of Big Bang. I think that a 24-year-old man is an all grown-up man (laughter).

I worked on the latest album in order from the first track. I wanted to make it a piece of a movie. I asked G-Dragon for advice when I wrote lyrics. He advise me to let out all I wanted to say as they are. I am 50% satisfied with the latest album. I was before and I will be in the future. The rest 50% is left for mind control. You can improve yourself only when you are desperate to do so.


Seungri dreams of a nation-wide popularity

SEUNGRI:I appeal to women with my talking skills as in the lyrics from the title track ‘Gotta Talk to U’. I am lying if I say that I have never been in a romantic relationship. I told the other Big Bang members to keep any romantic relationship secret until the end (laughter). My facial expression and voice are from my experience. That is why my agency does not care about my love life. I personally like a woman with a cute voice. I talk on the phone a lot since I am frequently out of country due to overseas schedules. Bright and cheerful voice gives me strength.

I am running an academy that teaches singing and dancing. I am from Gwangju from Jeolla Province. I have been through many things since I came to Seoul. There is not enough infrastructure in other areas except for the Seoul Metropolitan area. I wanted to help talented people as their senior. The academy grew a lot and now it holds auditions in connection with entertainment agencies. I feel really proud when I meet a junior singer from my academy at a TV station.

My eloquence helped me study Japanese harder. I was ambitious even when I did not speak a single Japanese word. One of Big Bang members pointed out my bad Japanese and I have studied Japanese since then. A year later, I am able to appear in Japan’s prime time variety shows. A regular program under my name was created in Japan’s terrestrial TV channel. It is all thanks to the member who stimulated my desire for winning (laughter).

I would like to become a pleasant character while promoting my alum with a serious attitude. I want to be a friendly person who can empathize with others. More than seven years have passed. Now is the time that I need the public attention going beyond that of fans (laughter). I hope to be a celebrity who is humane and loved by older generations as well. To that end, I will try to do well in music, variety, and acting.

Source: TV Report via Naver via bbupdates


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