YG and JYP’S Cutthroat Competition on ‘WIN’ a God’s Trick


YG Entertainment’s survival reality program ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ to determine the formation of next boy group topped the ‘replay’ category, arousing hot response from the viewers.

Episode 4 of ‘WIN’, which was aired on Sept 13, revealed a cutthroat competition of the trainees from YG and JYP Entertainments. The exact episode was replayed 200,000 times on Daum Portal site which provides the repeat function. The replay video raked in the most viewers, which proves its extreme popularity. Continue reading


Akdong Musician Send Out Their Chuseok Greetings


YG Entertainment’s maknae artists Akdong Musician are here to greet you for the Chuseok holiday.

The sibling duo left fans smiling, looking way too cute in their hanbok as they offered their greetings: “Spend an enjoyable holiday with your families and be careful on your drive to go visit your hometown.” Continue reading

YG & JYP Rivals? Nope – Just Reaching Out to Each Other



YG’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP’s Park Jin Young’s close friendship of reaching out to each other in need is drawing much attention.

It is not an overstatement to say that the two represent the South Korean entertainment world. The two are known for their tight friendship, as well as being friendly rivals. They have been working very closely on SBS’s K-Pop Star, and now their bond is to strengthen through appearing on a different program together again. Continue reading

Yang Hyun Suk Opens Up About JYP’s Attempt to Bring Wonder Girls to US Market

On September 14, Park Jin Young allowed the cameras from MBC’s “People Are Good” to document his everyday life.

The episode also broadcast an interview with YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who spoke about Park Jin Young’s venture into the U.S. market with Wonder Girls saying, “When he brought the Wonder Girls to the U.S. in hopes of breaking into the market, any chance of success was like trying to find a needle in the desert.”

He went on to say, “Back then, there weren’t any examples of successful artists that had broken into the U.S. market from Japan, China, or all of Asia.” He also said, “I admired his ambition to bring the successful Wonder Girls over to the United States to try and start something. If it were me, I never would’ve dared to try something like that.”


Source: soompi

The New York Times: K-Pop’s Antic Emissary Raids the Cupboard

From The New York Times:

In the video for “Crooked,” the K-pop star G-Dragon — effortlessly lissome, his hair Warhol-white — does a lot of running, some staggering, some mean-mugging, some dancing and a little aggressive flirting.

But mostly he changes clothes. He cycles through at least two-dozen outfits: a tight cotton-candy-blue double-breasted suit; a drapey leopard-print top; a distressed black motorcycle jacket; a huge black fur coat with a face dyed on the back; a tattered white punk T-shirt with tight chain-festooned jeans straight from Trash and Vaudeville.

The song? The song is fine. Continue reading