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2NE1 Shares Difficulties They Face on Variety Shows


2NE1 are loved for their 4-D charms on variety shows, but they admit that their lovable awkwardness is not intentional. It’s just that they haven’t adjusted to broadcasts yet. Continue reading


[PROJECT] “@GlobalMinzy: #UNITEDMINZYFANS — 2NE1 Comeback Support”

Annyeong Blackjacks!

After our long wait, 2NE1 came back with their new all-kill reggae single, ‘Falling in Love’. As we all know, our girls will release one song every month from July to October. As to support for their upcoming song in August, Minzy fansites from the different parts of the world participated, including Global Minzy, to unite all Minzy fans globally to show support for the lovely maknae, we call #UNITEDMINZYFANS.

GlobalMinzy will work together with 공민지닷컴 (, EROMAKNAE, SnazzyMinzy, and Baidu MinzyBar to support Minzy.

#UNITEDMINZYFANS are planning a total of Two Supports for 2NE1′s upcoming promotions in August to October, and the 1st Support will be the next promotion in August. However, the full details regarding the comeback support will be revealed soon.

For this comeback support to be successful, we need help and donations coming from Blackjacks. The donation goal is 180-260 USD. We need you help, Blackjacks! We are assuring you that we will fully use the donations in the said project and any amount is highly appreciated 🙂



Paypal (Worldwide)
Our paypal is

Western Union (Philippines & Indonesia)
Mention @MarianoKent on twitter or email us at for the details.



For the donors, please leave a support message at with the subject [PROJECT] #UNITEDMINZYFANS with the content below. You can also post your support messages in this post!



Amount of Donation:

Support Message:
*If you have questions regarding this comeback support, mention @GlobalMinzy on twitter or send us a mail at*

We are hoping a successful comeback support! Thank you so much Blackjacks. Spread the word, share this to the other Blackjacks! Again, Kamsahamnida!^^