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Why is G-Dragon So Hot?


From The Korea Times:

Can G-Dragon (GD) rock the global music scene as Psy did with “Gangnam Style” last year?

The leader of five-member boy band Big Bang is undoubtedly a K-pop juggernaut adored by hundreds of thousands of fans in Korea and many other Asian countries. Nonetheless his presence in the two trendsetting markets — the United States and Europe — is still meager and fragile. Continue reading

Mural in GD’s ‘COUP D’ETAT’ MV Belongs to America’s Famous Contemporary Artist

The music video of G-DRAGON’s new song ‘COUP D’ETAT’ is attracting much attention not only for its music but also for the mural that belongs to a famous American contemporary artist.

The two murals that are centered in the frame of G-DRAGON’s ‘COUP D’ETAT’, which brings in vividly colorful and symbolic objects, belong to an American contemporary artist Harif Guzman. Continue reading

The New York Times: K-Pop’s Antic Emissary Raids the Cupboard

From The New York Times:

In the video for “Crooked,” the K-pop star G-Dragon — effortlessly lissome, his hair Warhol-white — does a lot of running, some staggering, some mean-mugging, some dancing and a little aggressive flirting.

But mostly he changes clothes. He cycles through at least two-dozen outfits: a tight cotton-candy-blue double-breasted suit; a drapey leopard-print top; a distressed black motorcycle jacket; a huge black fur coat with a face dyed on the back; a tattered white punk T-shirt with tight chain-festooned jeans straight from Trash and Vaudeville.

The song? The song is fine. Continue reading