YG & JYP Rivals? Nope – Just Reaching Out to Each Other



YG’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP’s Park Jin Young’s close friendship of reaching out to each other in need is drawing much attention.

It is not an overstatement to say that the two represent the South Korean entertainment world. The two are known for their tight friendship, as well as being friendly rivals. They have been working very closely on SBS’s K-Pop Star, and now their bond is to strengthen through appearing on a different program together again.

Episode 4 of ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, which was aired on Sept 13, unveiled an agency-to-agency battle between YG and JYP. This was practically a battle of pride. The two have done this before with Se7en, BIGBANG and 2PM when the stars were training at these two agencies. The battle helped the artists strengthen their competitive edge.

Accepting Yang Hyun Suk’s offer could have been a risky choice for Park Jin Young. ‘WIN’ is designed to promote the trainees from YG. The program would obviously focus on YG trainees, and JYP’s trainees could have ended up being simple ‘guests’ of the show.

Moreover, revealing unripe groups of trainees unannounced could hurt them even more. It could hinder their debuting process. But against all odds, episode 4 proved to be extremely helpful for both YG and JYP. JYP’s trainees successfully attracted the viewers with their handsome appearances and embellished talents. Appearing on the show turned out to be a great promotional method for JYP’s trainees.

It also gave YG trainees a chance to develop their talents. At the end of the show, Yang Hyun Suk commented, “I think it was a great opportunity for the trainees to go a step closer to becoming a professional. It helped them realize that even after a great amount of practice, there are still people better than them. Overcoming such hardship and realization is the way for them to grow and become a pro.”

Yang Hyun Suk, who was more than happy to appear on MBC’s ‘Human Documentary Love’ for Park Jin Young, highly praised his friend for his warmth.

He described, “There is nothing fake about Park Jin Young. He is genuine. It just amazes me that he can dance like that at his age. Most people decide what they should and they shouldn’t do, and they choose the path that suits them more. But Park Jin Young is different. He is on stage because it makes him happy and he enjoys it so much. That cannot come without naivety.”

Source: yg-life.com


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