How Did Big Bang’s ‘Running Man’ Episode Fare in Terms of Ratings?

As always, the biggest variety shows of the week play on Sunday nights. KBS, MBC, and SBS pit their best face on for their Sunday evenings – and how did everyone do?

MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ continued to ride high, with ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ once again claiming the spotlight with 18.1%, and ‘Real Men’ also shining with 15.9%. For the entire ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ segment, the show came in #1 with 16.0%.

SBS’ ‘Good Sunday’ has yet to recover its ratings, with Big Bang’s episode of ‘Running Man’ coming in at 12.0%, a whopping 3.9% lower than ‘Real Men’. ‘Barefoot Friends’ staggered along with a low 5.3%, dropping from last week. For the entire ‘Good Sunday’ segment, SBS came at a low 2nd with 8.5%.

KBS, the once all-time king of Sunday nights, suffered a low blow as their forerunner ’1 Night 2 Days’ lost at the ratings game coming in at a mere 9.8%, dropping to single digits. ‘Mamma Mia’ fared even worse at 4.2%, bringing the entire ‘Happy Sunday’ to a not-so-happy rating of 7.4%.

Source: Allkpop


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