G-Dragon’s Inkigayo Performance to Be Of Award-ceremony Scale

G-DRAGON’s ‘CROOKED’ performance equipped with giant LED and helicam

G-DRAGON is scheduled to deliver a dynamic surprise to the fans with a performance that is going to be as big as that of an award-ceremony.

This much-anticipated performance will be shown through his song ‘CROOKED’ on SBS’s Inkiagayo that is to be aired on Sept 15.

Crew members have created a stage that is shaped in letters G and D, which is short for G-DRAGON, while equipping the stage with lift, LED and helicam (camera installed on a miniature helicopter) which are rarely used on music programs.

Producer Park Kyung Duk, who is known for his famous work of BIGBANG’s comeback performance, is going to be in charge of the upcoming Inkigayo program.

When producer Park took control of BIGBANG’s ‘FANTASTIC BABY’, ‘BLUE’ and ‘BAD BOY’, his wire installation and the use of actual water drew much attention.

For the upcoming performance, G-DRAGON will be a surprise MC with SEUNGRI, and to congratulate SEUNGRI for his last performance, he will be on stage with TAEYANG to perform SEUNGRI’s ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ together.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON penetrated Billboard 200 for two consecutive times, a first for a South Korean artist.

Taking into account BIGBANG’s ‘ALIVE’ album, ranking 150 in the past, this is GD’s third time to list himself on the chart. Foreign media including FUSE TV and COMPLEX, DAZE &CONFUSED are also spotlighting G-DRAGON, while 300,000 became his followers on China’s Weibo in less than 2 days. His popularity is simply borderless.

On Sept 15, G-DRAGON will be holding a ‘handshake’ event for the fans at IFC Mall in Yeouido.

Source: ygfamily.com


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