Who’s The Winner of “WIN”’s Nip-and-Tuck Match Between YG and JYP?

Leader of Each Team and Best Rapper Song Min Ho and B.I. Creating a Special and Exciting Combination!

Song Min Ho & B.I’s Special Resolution for “Showdown Battle” with JYP trainees, “So Excited. Feels like Beating Whole JYP”

Leader of Team A and Team B and rapper Song Min Ho and B.I (Kim Han Bin) of YG Entertainment’s survival show “WHO IS NEXT : WIN” (“WIN”) formed a team to compete with JYP trainees, drawing keen attention from K-Pop fans.

In “WIN” episode 4 aired on the 13 (Fri.) this month, YG and JYP competed for the title as the best, in “showdown battle” between their trainees, which is a long-time tradition of the two companies. The battle created a very exciting scene for viewers of the show.

The battle included three areas, rap, dance, and singing, among which rap battle caught viewers’ eyes most. The players for the dance and signing competition were selected by video test and on-site contest on all of Team A and Team B members, but for the first-round rap competition, four best rappers from both Team A and B formed a team, to fight JYP players, which gave a special excitement to viewers.

Team A’s Lee Seung Hoon suggested Song Min Ho, B.I (Kim Han Bin), and Bobby (Kim Ji Won) to team up with him for the rap battle and the leader of each team Song Min Ho and B.I showed a special resolution for victory. All other “WIN” members were surprised, worried, and nervous about the showdown, but Song Min Ho and B.I were only excited about the battle, armed with a strong confidence.

Song Min Ho and B.I were more concerned that they might not be selected as the player for the battle, rather than about the battle with JYP itself. To Yang Hyun Suk’s remark “You go and beat them up”, they smiled and answered “It feels like we are beating the whole JYP. We are 100% sure that we will win in rap. We are so excited.” This was a demonstration of their confidence that they are leading rappers of each team and they could prove the result of their long and hard work as trainees of YG in the showdown battle with JYP.

JYP’s rapper Mark, Yunghyun, and Jackson have overseas backgrounds in LA, Hong Kong, and Toronto respectively, so they tried to get the start on YG trainees with confidence, saying “We can win the swag competition, because it is so American.” However, four “WIN” members who competed with them were not discouraged and even enjoyed the rival’s music.

B.I of the “WIN” rap team made a mistake in lyrics but his free-style rap was so perfect that nobody noticed it. His talented rap made rivals all stand up and enjoy.

JYP’s head producer JY Park highly praised “WIN” team, saying, “The performance was so perfect, there was no flaw in the delivery of lyrics, performance on the floor, and the content of lyrics.” He added, “B.I’s swagger and Lee Seung Hoon’s dominance on the stage are wonderful. I especially like Bobby’s performance, where he showed unique rap with a rather lazy beat.”

YG’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk also complimented their performance with a smile on his face, saying, “It is such a tremendous talent which makes even rivals enjoy it. I think YG has won the rap competition.”

Meanwhile, “WIN” show, which has been drawing much attention not only within Korea but also from overseas, will be aired in more than 10 Asian countries starting from the 17 this month, on STAR TV cable’s subsidiary Channel V and CJ E&M’s Southeast Asian subsidiary Channel M. In China, the show will be aired exclusively on Youku, the biggest video-streaming site in the country. In Korea, viewers can enjoy replay and behind story of the show on portal site Daum.

“WIN” is aired on Fridays at 10:00 pm on Mnet and at 11:20 pm on tvN.

Source: ygfamily.com


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