Seungri, G-Dragon & Taeyang’s Joint Performance, “It Feels Like Dream to See Them On Stage Together”

Boy band Big Bang’s Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang had a joint performance.

In SBS “INKIGAYO” aired in the afternoon on the 15 this month, Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang attracted much attention by giving a joint performance.

On the day, Seungri had the last performance on TV for his solo album. First, when he sang “Let’s Talk about Love”, G-Dragon came upon the stage and was hailed by the audience. G-Dragon in hot pink suit made Seungri’s stage all the more colorful.

Then, Taeyang in white hip-hop outfit came up. The three Big Bang members together swept the stage by a unique Big Bang-style performance.

Internet users who watched the show made remarks on the Internet, such as “It feels like a dream to see Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang together”, “Joint performance by Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang… it made the show worthwhile to watch”, and “It is so great to see Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang together.”

Meanwhile, along with Seungri, G-Dragon, and Taeyang, JY Park, KARA, TEEN TOP, Sunmi, Henry, Soyoo, Mad Clown, B.A.P. BTOB, SPICA, F-VE DOLLS, NU’EST, BTS, History, and Kim Yerim appeared in the day’s “INKIGAYO”.



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