Number of G-Dragon’s Weibo Followers Surpassing 300,000!

The number of G-Dragon’s followers on Chinese SNS Weibo has surpassed 300,000.

G-Dragon opened his official Weibo account on the 13 this month and started communication with local fans. From the 12 when the news that G-Dragon is opening a Weibo account was released, Chinese fans showed a great interest, which has been proven by the extraordinary number of followers, 300,000, reached within only two days from the opening of the account.

Along with the number of his followers on Weibo reaching 300,000, his popularity in China was once again proven by his name ranked number one in Weibo’s trend hit list by a host of fans’ congratulatory messages with hash tag #GDWELCOMTOWEIBO#.

In his first posting on his Weibo account, G-Dragon sent a 30-second video message to Chinese fans and it was welcomed so much. In the message, he said, “I have opened this account to more closely communicate with Chinese fans. Pleas follow me and check latest news about me.”

G-Dragon has recently resumed his work as a solo artist with the second full solo album which has entered “Billboard’s Top 200” and received rave reviews from leading media outlets in the USA and UK, proving his popularity overseas. In addition, he came under spotlight in the Chinese entertainment scene as well, with the opening of his Weibo account, highlighting his popularity as a world star again.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was ranked number one in M-net’s “M-Countdown” on the 12, upon coming back. On the 13, his full album consisting of total 14 tracks including another version of “WINDOW” and “BLACK” was released, adding more fuel to his success as a solo artist.



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