Minzy’s Mother Says Minzy is Like an Aged Kimchi

With her daughter working hard in what she does, 2NE1 Minzy’s mother compared her daughter to aged kimchi.

In the upcoming episode of KBS’ Mamma Mia, Minzy’s mother said that Minzy is like aged kimchi, making the people in the studio wonder why.

“Minzy went into YG Entertainment when she was in grade 6. The CEO said it will take two years, but it soon became three and four, and she still didn’t debut. Out of the 2NE1 members, Minzy was a trainee the longest,” said Minzy’s mother.

“So I always told Minzy. ‘Just think you are aged kimchi,’” continued the mother. “The longer kimchi ages, the more kinds of food it can make. So I’ve always told her that she is aged kimchi.”

The broadcast will air on September 15.

Photo Credit: KBS
Source: MWave


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