Growth Pain of Kim Jin Woo, the Eldest Trainee Among YG “WIN” Members

Kim Jin Woo of Team A, “Finally Shedding Tears” over Mistake in Lyrics, in Tense Battle with JYP Trainees

Kim Jin Woo, the eldest trainee among the members of YG Entertainment (YG)’s survival show ‘WHO IS NEXT : WIN (“WIN”) eventually shed tears, after making a mistake in lyrics in a “showdown battle” with JYP trainees.

In “WIN” episode 4 which was aired on Sep. 13 (Fri.), YG trainees and JYP trainees who are to soon make debut as boy band had a showdown to keep their pride as artist, which excited many K-pop fans. In the battle, Kim Jin Woo, the eldest member of “WIN” Team A, who was assigned as the leading vocalist of the YG team, got too nervous and made a mistake in lyrics,

The battle between YG and JYP had three areas of competition, including first-round rap, second-round dance, and third-round singing, and the fierce competition caught eyes and ears of many viewers.

“WIN” members of the YG team had had to compete among themselves in a tournament, to be selected as player for the battle with JYP trainees. The fact that they could not even run for the showdown with JYP if they are not selected in the tournament strung “WIN” members’ nerves to the maximum.

YG’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk (“Yang Hyun Suk”) made teams which he had selected beforehand compete in the first and second rounds, but for the final third round, he selected the players by on-site vote.

Team A’s vocalists Kang Seung Yoon, Nam Tae Hyun, and Kim Jin Woo were selected for the final round and Kim Jin Woo came under a big difficulty, because he had only a short period of time for practice because he had to change his selection of a song for competition after a sharp criticism on his performance just a day before. He usually needs a long period of time for practice.

Eventually, Team A’s eldest member Kim Jin Woo failed to sing because he was so nervous and forgot the lyrics. Kang Seung Yoon quickly came into Kim’s place to continue the performance and he covered up the mistake successfully by replacing Kim even though the part was not his own, to be praised by JY Park. Nam Tae Hyun was also complimented for his full talent.

Notably, JYP Entertainment’s head producer JY Park gave Kim Jin Woo words of condolence saying, “I know that you are more nervous now than when you stand before tens of thousands of audience after you make debut as a singer. I hope this experience will give you a precious lesson.” Kim Jin Woo answered, “I’m so sorry”, shedding tears from his limpid eyes, making viewers feel sorry for him.

Yang Hyun Suk scolded Kim Jin Woo, stating, “I’m so angry that you made a mistake in singing JY Park’s song before JY Park.” However, he never forgot to encourage Kim by saying, “The mistake may be a good opportunity for Kim Jin Woo to experience the world of professional artists. It is just a part of process to make you a genuine professional.”

Meanwhile, “WIN” show, which has been drawing much attention not only within Korea but also from overseas, will be aired in more than 10 Asian countries starting from the 17 this month, through STAR TV cable’s subsidiary Channel V and CJ E&M’s Southeast Asian subsidiary Channel M. In China, the show will be aired exclusively on Youku, the biggest video-streaming site in the country. In Korea, viewers can enjoy replay and behind story of the show on portal site Daum.

“WIN” is aired on Fridays at 10:00 pm on Mnet and at 11:20 pm on tvN.



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