GD’s Dynamic Media Facade Image Flashes on YG’s Main Office

YG Entertainment embarked on a journey of dynamic promotion just one day before G-DRAGON’s 2nd regular album release. The entertainment revealed a media façade of the aritst.

On its official blog ( on Sept 12 at 3 p.m., YG unveiled a video clip of a supersize media façade featuring an image of G-DRAGON’s new song, ‘Coup d’etat’. The enormous media façade image is flashed on the exterior of YG’s main office in Mapogu Hapjeong, Seoul. Media Façade is a tool used to flash a beam using a projector on the exterior of a building to create a visual effect.

The image projected on YG’s main office features G-DRAGON in red and black, the theme colors of his 2nd regular album ‘Coup D’etat’, which looks even more vivid on a larger scale.

YG employed another attention-grabbing promotional tool, which is hoisting a flag featuring ‘Coup d’etat’ on every YG-related vehicle. 2NE1’s Dara contributed to arousing attention amongst Internet users by tweeting a photograph of herself placing the flag on her car on Sept 7.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON released his regular album consisting of 14 tracks today (Sept 13), which also includes different versions of ‘Window’ and ‘Black.’


Video Credits: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Life


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