G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung Attempt to Steal Song Ji Hyo’s Heart on Running Man

Half of the Big Bang members back on SBS′ Running Man, and they have one goal in mind: earn the heart of Princess Song Ji Hyo.

In the upcoming episode of Running Man, G-Dragon, Seungri, and Daesung will be featured as the guests as Song Ji Hyo, who transformed into a princess.

In order for the teams to receive helpful hints for the game, the members must woo Song Ji Hyo and impress her. The cast and Big Bang members do everything from holding a dance battle to an aegyo showcase.

G-Dragon especially put on his cutest face, making Ji Suk Jin bitterly ask, “How can you attack like that?” Then he turned to Daesung, asking, “You can′t do it, right?”

The games then lead the crew to Icheon, where all the members ended up rolling around in mud.

The episode will air on September 15.

Photo Credit: SBS
Source: MWave


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