YG vs JYP Trainees on ‘WIN’ Preview

Last week, anticipation became high as ‘WIN‘ revealed that it would be switching things up as the YG Entertainment trainees would be going head to head against the JYP Entertainment trainees.

Earlier today a preview for the upcoming episode was revealed. The preview reveals Yang Hyun Suk telling both Team A and B, much to their surprise, that they would be battling the JYP trainees. J.Y. Park is briefly seen stating, “It’ll be worth a try if they come with selective all-stars.” While trainee B.I. states, “Ah, this is going to be a lot of fun.”


The YG trainees are then seen walking behind Yang Hyun Suk as they make their way over to the JYP Entertainment headquarter building while J.Y. Park is walking back and forth in front of his own trainees against the tense backdrop music from “IRIS”. The two set of trainees finally meet and they greet each other as the preview comes to an end.

The highly anticipated show will air on Friday the 13 at 10:00PM.

Source: akp


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