G-Dragon Discusses His Love For The Punk Aesthetic At His ‘Space Eight’ Art Exhibition

In the music video for the new G-Dragon single “Crooked,” the Big Bang rapper is seen running around London in t-shirts emblazoned with images ubiquitous in the punk movement, such as the Sex Pistols song “Anarchy In The UK” and the band logo for seminal group Black Flag, rewritten in the same font as “Rich Kids.”

At a press conference held one day before the opening for the new G-Dragon art exhibition “Space Eight” at the Cais Gallery in Seoul, G-Dragon explained why he enjoys dressing in the punk style.

“Producing is not only a matter of music, but also a worry of how people will see me on the stage,” G-Dragon explained.

“The thing I worry about the most is that when G-Dragon goes on the stage, what kind of image will be the best. Taking ‘Crooked’ as an example from this album, I think it fits me well. I like the kind of punk-ish image.”

Big Bang’s frontman believes he brings an outsiders perspective to all of his musical endeavors.

“I’m not sure how it appears, but whether it′s the music, the stage, or the styling, the base is holding the punky image,” G-Dragon said.

“Whether I’m singing a sad song, or a powerful one, the way I define it is still kind of loser-ish. But fortunately, the public seems to think it’s cute. I mean, I am still pretty young.”

And while G-Dragon, who is currently enjoying international success with his two solo albums “Coup d’Etat” part one and part two released this month, admitted that a time may come when he may have to dress in a more mature fashion, the rapper said he is enjoying himself for the time being.

“Either way, when I get older, I will have to improve. But until then, these are the clothes that fit me right and because the public likes it, I’m just soaking into it,” he said.

“Space Eight” will officially open to the public on September 10, eight days after the release of “Coup D’Etat,” one of a series of numerically based choices the South Korean rapper made for the art exhibition.

“G-Dragon will be showcasing 88 items related to number eight, which symbolizes himself, including unrevealed photographs from his photo albums and jackets, along with outfits and props from the [One Of A Kind] World Tour,” the rapper’s record label YG Entertainment announced last month.

“G-Dragon, born on August 18, 1988, always told people his lucky number is eight. Thus the gallery will be open for eight hours a day for eight days, and the entrance fee is 8,800 won [roughly eight dollars].”

Source: Kpopstarz


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