G-Dragon Asks Fans for Music Video Ideas for ‘Who You?’

G-Dragon asked for some creative ideas from his fans.

He recently took to his Twitter to tweet, “I want to shoot a music video for ‘Who You?’ so please send me some ideas. I would like to try out your idea if it’s really good.”

In relation to all of his songs, G-Dragon wrote, “I want to film ‘R.O.D,’ too. ‘Niliria’ doesn’t have an MV, either. Personally, I want to try filming ‘I Love It’ and ‘Black’ so badly.. There’s so much I want to do, but so little time.”

Only a day has passed since he posted these words, but the tweet has already been re-tweeted over 5,500 times and favorited over 3,000 times.

So far, G-Dragon has released MVs for three songs: ‘Coup D’etat,’ ‘Crooked,’ and ‘Crazy GO.’ Check out these MVs and try to brainstorm ideas for some of his other songs. Who knows? G-Dragon might pick one of your ideas for his next awesome MV!

Source: akp


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