CL Takes a Photo With Jared Leto



CL posted a proof shot of her with hollywood actor Jared Leto in New York.

Through her personal instagram account, CL posted a photo with the caption “#JaredLeto #requiemforadream”.

On the photo, Jared Leto’s arms were on CL’s shoulders displaying an affectionate look.

Jared Leto plays the lead role on movies such as Requiem, Basil and Alexander and he’s also a member of rockgroup 30 Seconds to Mars.

Netizens commented on the CL and Jared Leto photo to show their reactions, such as “CL and Jared Leto, they look so close to each other. As expected from CL’s global connections”, “There’s no person that CL doesn’t know”, “I wanna take a picture with Jared Leto as well! I envy CL” “How did they know each other?”

Source: Nate News
Translated by:
Taken at 2NE1PH


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