“Blue Tower: ZERO,” Come On, Sandara Park “Won’t You Appear with Us”



Blue Tower: Zero” actors reveal that among girl groups, they want 2NE1, SNSD, Kara, and Crayon Pop to appear in the show together with them, attracting attention.

In the afternoon of the 10th, at Sangam CJ E&M center, Sangamdong, Seoul, tvN’s “Blue Tower: Zero” held a press conference, with the presence of actors Choi Jong Hoon, Jang Ji Woo, Lee Joon Hyuk, Lee Yeong Hoon, Yoon Jin Yeong, Kim Dong Hyun, and Pascal Dior, expressing their candid thoughts about the program.

In particular, the question “Which girl group would you want to invite over to shoot with?” drew attention because of the cast’s answers, causing laughter from the people present.

Jang Ji Woo chose 2NE1. He said, “2NE1, and from among them, I like Sandara Park the most. It would be interesting to see how 2NE1 and Sandara Park-ssiwould do in actual military life. It’s really a wish that we could film ‘Blue Tower:Zero‘ together,” he revealed, looking at the PD and writers with desperation, evoking laughter.

T/N: Translations not related to Dara and 2NE1 omitted. But, Lee Yeong Hoon chose KARA’s Nicole, Pascal Dior chose Lee Hyori, Choi Jong Hoon chose SNSD, Lee Joon Hyuk said he didn’t know girl groups but he hopes that Crayon Pop would come and perform “Bar Bar Bar.”

Source: Nate News 1 2 3


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