Yang Hyun Suk Praises G-Dragon’s Acting In New ‘Crooked’ Music Video


Although he is quickly developing the reputation of being a harsh critic after his appearances on the reality show “WIN: Who Is Next?” YG Entertainment founder and CEO has Yang Hyun Suk nothing but praise when it comes to Big Bang rapper G-Dragon’s new music video “Crooked.”

“G-Dragon was a great actor,” Yang said in a Thursday press release for his record label.

“He actually cried for a scene while acting. He put on 16 different outfits in total for the music video, which made him look like an English boy.”

The confidence the label boss has for G-Dragon has paid off for Big Bang’s rapper, as Yang admitted to pouring several times more money than usual into the “Crooked” video.

“[The ‘Crooked’] music video was filmed in England, which was a grand scale one that required a budget that was three to four times larger than YG’s usual music videos,” said the YG CEO.

Yang also exuberantly praised the rest of the new G-Dragon album “Coup d’Etat,” which YG Entertainment is releasing in parts throughout the month.

“G-Dragon is someone who holds a wide range of charms, ready to entice the audience,” he said. “The fact that we chose four of his songs [to release as singles] shows how remarkable his album is.”

Because “Coup d’Etat” is being released in two parts, there could be an odd scenario created where G-Dragon is competing with himself for record sales, according to a YG Entertainment statement on Thursday.

“We are expecting a somewhat bizarre competition of G-Dragon vs. G-Dragon part two,” the statement read.

“Like the previous one, [Coup d’Etat Part Two’] is heavily coated with his unique color. You will not be disappointed when you see GD’s musical capacity and talents.”

“Crooked” topped the music charts including Melon, Bugs, Soribada and Naver Music only two hours after being released on Thursday.

The label boss calls the experience of watching G-Dragon’s efforts in the recording studio pay off has been extremely gratifying.

“I closely watched him putting a lot of thought into each one of the songs for his album, so the explosive response from the public is even more gratifying,” Yang said.

“The rest of the songs to be released are also the fruit of G-Dragon’s [uncompromising] work.”

Source: Kpopstarz


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