US Billboard & SPIN Are Fixing Eyes on GD, “World Conquest With Psy”

Top music media in the USA, Billboard and Spin, praised boy band Big Bang (Top, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Dae Sung, Seungri)’s lead singer G-Dragon.

The two media outlets covered details of G-Dragon who has been releasing his second full solo album “Coup d’Etat”, in their on-line articles published on the 4 this month (local time).

Billboard highly appreciated G-Dragon by saying, “The new album is a turning point for G-Dragon’s music, where he fully expressed his sensibility and things he wants. Through his new songs, G-Dragon sends more surprising sound wave than before, and he treats music without any border between the West and East.”

Furthermore, they complimented G-Dragon’s artistic attempt to pioneer new genres. Saying “At least, G-Dragon’s ‘Coup d’Etat has proven that a K-Pop star is not different from a Western pop star at all.”

On the same day, Spin also spared no praise for G-Dragon.

According to Spin, “’Coup d’Etat’ is an album that is thunderous, overwhelming, and triumphant. It has clearly demonstrated G-Dragon’s dominance as a rapper.”

At the same time, Spin saw G-Dragon as an icon, saying, “With his ever-changing outfit, his look is always attractive in any place.”

Notably, Spin’s unsparing praise of G-Dragon’s new album with a remark “He will never stop his world conquest with K-Pop with Psy”, drew much attention.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon released total 12 songs in his second full solo album on the 2 and 5 this month, which has shown a great momentum to sweep top places in music charts in and out of the country.

Source: YG Life


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