Minzy Bought Her Mother a House as a Present

2NE1′s Minzy guest-starred along with her mother on KBS2′s ‘Happy Sunday – Mama Mia.’

On the program, Lee Young Ja asked Minzy what she did with the contract payment from YG Entertainment. To Lee Young Ja’s surprise, Minzy’s mother said, “She spent it on her mother. She bought me a house. She was nineteen at the time.” Minzy’s mother could hardly contain her happiness.

Then she said, “Minzy entered YG when she was in the sixth grade and debuted at the age of sixteen. Because all of her sacrifice and hard work, I was teary when I first entered the house.” This caused the other idols’ mothers to become teary-eyed as well.

However, it was not just Minzy who amazed everyone with her generosity. KARA’s Gyuri and Teen Top’s Chunji had given expensive gifts to their parents, as well.

Netizens praised Minzy for her generosity as well as the hard work and success that enabled her to buy her parents such a gift.

The segment begins around the 14:00 mark below:

Source: Allkpop


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