G-Dragon’s 2nd Album Exceeds 300,000 Preorders Just in Korea


Opening up possibilities of breaking new records, Big Bang’s G-Dragon has 300,000 preorders of his second album, Coup d’Etat, already lined up, and that’s just in Korea.

While G-Dragon has already pre-released a good majority of his second album, the physical album is set for a September 13 release with two more songs that are only available with the album purchase.

The songs were pre-released on September 2 and September 5 and have been taking over the music charts with his own songs competing against each other, showing G-Dragon’s power in terms of music and popularity, especially as a male solo artist.

With the album being released on September 13, G-Dragon has already recorded 300,000 sales in pre-orders, gaining anticipation for what will happen when the album actually comes out. Also Big Bang will be starting up its 6-dome tour in Japan in November, making room for more positive effects on the album.

With all the surrounding factors, there’s a chance that G-Dragon’s Coup d’Etat might set a new record for most albums sold by a male solo artist and even break EXO′s recent record of 740,000 albums sold

Meanwhile, G-Dragon will be opening up his photo exhibition Space Eight on September 10.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment
Source: MWave


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