G-Dragon Talks About ‘Coup D’etat’ and Gives Advice to Other Idols


On September 9, G-Dragon held a press conference during the opening of ‘G-Dragon Space 8′ exhibition in the Cais Gallery at Cheongdam-dong.

He explained why he picked ‘Coup D’etat’ for his title song, saying he wanted to go beyond his usual self in relation to music. He pondered many things, including the state of the South Korean music industry, while looking for a new title song. In that process, he came upon ‘Coup D’etat.’

He explained the song bit by bit and believes there are probably people who can fully understand it and people who don’t. He has been happily monitoring people’s various interpretations of the song.

In relation to his personal rapping style or imitating other styles, he said, “It’s a glorious thing. I garner a lot of inspiration from other artists’ rapping styles.”

However, he believes that being inspired and influenced by others can give off similar vibes. He hopes that new idols and friends alike will work on reinventing themselves, showing off new versions of themselves because people will get bored if they keep seeing the same thing all the time.

Source: Allkpop


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