G-Dragon Says It Was an Honor to Work with Missy Elliott

Returning with his second solo album, Big Bang’s G-Dragon stated that it was an honor to work with Missy Elliott.

On September 9, G-Dragon held a press conference at the CAIS Gallery in Chungdahm-dong for the opening of his Space 8, The Exhibition. There, he talked about collaborating with many different artists.

“First off, I made my version first without thinking about Missy Elliott,” said G-Dragon. “The track itself was created last year.”

“Because it’s a track that has the motive of using the Korea folk song, I wasn’t looking for a popular artist of today but more of the past, and a female more than a male. In the middle of all that, because I was Missy Elliott’s fan, I hesitantly asked if she could work with me.”

G-Dragon continued, “During the production process, we didn’t meet and instead worked together through email and telephone. Due to her own personal issues, Missy Elliott rested for a really long time, so she worried a lot about making a feature. When I heard the results, I thought it was well done.”

Missy Elliott and G-Dragon especially performed together at Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN – What’s Up LA on August 25.

“I performed with her in the US a while back and it was such an honor,” said G-Dragon. “I learned a lot.”

The two collaborated in the song, Niliria, which uses the sampling from the Korean folk song Niliria with a kick of unique and modern hip-hop.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment
Source: MWave


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