G-Dragon Likes the Punky, Delinquent Concept


Chosen as a style icon, Big Bang’s G-Dragon said he likes the punk concept and that fans think it’s cute.

On September 9, G-Dragon held a press conference at the CAIS Gallery in Chungdahm-dong for the opening of his Space 8, The Exhibition. He gave his own unique explanation at being chosen as a style icon.

“Producing is not only a matter of music, but also a worry of how people will see me on the stage,” said G-Dragon. “The thing I worry about the most is that when G-Dragon goes on the stage, what kind of image will be the best.”

“Taking Crooked as an example from this album, I think it fits me well,” said G-Dragon. “I like the kind of punk-ish image.”

“I’m not sure how it appears, but whether it′s the music, the stage, or the styling, the base is holding the punky image. Whether you’re singing a sad song, or a powerful one, the way I define it is still kind of loser-ish. But fortunately, the public seems to think it’s cute. I mean, I am still pretty young,” said G-Dragon, making the reporters laugh.

He continued, “Either way, when I get older, I will have to improve. But until then, these are the clothes that fit me right and because the public likes it, I’m just soaking into it.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon collaborated with world famous musicians for his second solo album. In addition to Niliria with Missy Elliot, G-Dragon worked with Diplo and Baauer for Coup d’Etat.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment
Source: MWave


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