G-Dragon Knows How Entertainment Show Works – Reason For His Choice of Hyeong-Don Jeong

“Moodo Night”, an episode of MBC channel’s entertainment show “Infinite Challenge” (called “Moohandojeon” in Korean), which was aired on Sep. 7th, was a venue where musicians who will perform at “Moodo Song Festival” scheduled for October were introduced. Even though the song festival has yet to begin, the public showed a great interest in it. This is demonstrated by the line-up of star musicians who have decided to compete in the festival.

“Infinite Challenge” has once again successfully casted a group of star musicians who have unique style and genuine passion for music. The cast includes Hee-Yeol Yoo, Boa, KimC, G-Dragon, Ki-Ha Jang & Faces, Primary, and Rose Inn. They are big names who are more than just guests of an entertainment show. However, all of them readily decided to appear in “Infinite Challenge” and showed such a great enthusiasm for the show.

In the episode aired on the 7, “Infinite Challenge” actors appealed themselves to the musicians. They worked really hard to be picked by a musician they want to be a partner. Hong-Cheol Noh seemed to have done his best to improve his tone and Haha sang his choice of song seriously to impress the audience quite much. Hyeong-Don Jeong’s hilarious rap made the musicians laugh their heads off. Most of all, Jae-Seok Yoo’s confident dirty dance to singer Sunmi’s “24 Hours is Not Enough” cracked the audience up.

After a fierce competition, seven teams were formed. Jae-Seok Yoo & Hee-Yeol Yoo, Hyeong-Dong Jeong & G-Dragon, Myeong-Soo Park & Primary, Ghil & Boa, Haha & Ki-Ha Jang, Jun-Ha Jeong & KimC, and Hong-Cheol Noh & Rose Inn became partners. Jae-Seok Yoo teamed up with solo artist Hee-Yeol Yoo, as he did at last year’s song festival where he picked another solo artist Lee Jeok. Boa chose Ghil who she knows personally and feels comfortable to be with. After a hard round of pushing and pulling, KimC selected Jun-Ha Jeong, and Hong-Cheol Noh, picked by nobody, became a partner of Rose Inn, who were not at the shooting because of other schedules. Among them, the team of G-Dragon and Hyeog-Don Jeong drew the biggest attention.

Why Did G-Dragon Pick Hyeong-Don Jeong who “Dis” Him

From the very beginning to the end, from their first encounter to formation of a team, Hyeong-Don Jeong and G-Dragon consistently created hilarious scenes. Beginning with criticizing D-Dragon’s look, Hyeong-Don Jeong kept causing trivial conflicts with G-Dragon, which was a peculiar fun. The two seemed to feel awkward and uncomfortable together, but ironically, they seemed to be much interested in each other. This strange relationship presented a unique attraction which other teams did not have.

Hyeong-Don Jeong sang “You” in front of the musicians. His song attracted a great attention from them, showing the best kind of comedy. However, G-Dragon seemed to be very serious about Jeong’s song. As if he recognized something important from the funny song, G-Dragon listened to Jeong’s song very seriously.

Then, G-Dragon picked Hyeong-Don Jeong as his partner, among the actors of “Infinite Challenge”. All of the actors flocked to G-Dragon to be his partner, but G-Dragon’s choice was Jeong. When G-Dragon held Jeong’s hand, all the actors there were shocked and the other musicians were also dumbfounded by the unexpected choice.

Then, why did G-Dragon choose Jeong? The reason is because G-Dragon knows about how an entertainment show works, with his past experience of appearing in “Infinite Challenge”. G-Dragon knows what role he should play in “Infinite Challenge”. In short, he knows that he can create the funniest scenes when he is with Jeong.

Strangely, Hyeong-Don Jeong turns away from G-Dragon’s favorable approach. Every word of Jeong’s criticism toward G-Dragon makes audience laugh. The more G-Dragon tries to win Jeong’s mind, the bigger their presence in the show grows. No one in the show demonstrated such a good sense. Compared to the team of G-Dragon and Hyeong-Don Jeong, other teams including the one of Jae-Seok Yoo & Hee-Yeol Yoo, Ghil & Boa, and Haha & Ki-Ha Jang & Faces still looked rather clumsy.

Furthermore, who is Hyeong-Don Jeong? He created a big hit with the song “Romantic Macho” which he performed with Jae-Hyeong Jeong, his teammate for the last year’s song festival. The song made a big sensation and Jeong’s partner Jae-Hyeong Jeong’s popularity skyrocketed. Hyeong-Don Jeong’s remark that “I made Jae-Hyeong Jeong a big star and he became an MC for Infinite Challenge’s competitor program” is of course a joke, but not totally groundless.

Maybe, G-Dragon has a trust in Jeong’s musical sense and ability of spotlighting his partner in a show. Of course, G-Dragon is already an utterly famous musician who needs no more help from others to further grow his popularity. However, he wants to present the best music at “Infinite Challenge” song festival and further highlight his presence, for sure. His choice of Hyeong-Don Jeong may be made from his sharp foresight, not just on the spur of the moment.

Source: YG Life


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