YGE and JYPE Trainees to Go Head to Head on ‘WIN’


As per tradition, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment trainees always go head to head.

This year, ‘WIN’s Team A and Team B will be battling trainees from JYP Entertainment as evidenced on the preview for the next episode, just as Se7en and Rain, and Big Bang along with 2PM did in the past. The two producers Yang Hyun Suk and J.Y. Park are incredibly close friends, but they still didn’t back up in their battle.

After the airing of the show on the 6th, the preview for the next episode showed the 11 boys of ‘WIN‘ going over to the JYP Entertainment building to battle with the JYP Entertainment trainees. This episode will be special in that instead of Team A & B battling each other as they’ve been doing for the past few episodes, the boys will gather together as one group under the YG Entertainment name to go against another label.

Are you excited?

Source: akp, ygwinner1


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