Yang Hyun Suk, “GD’s Grand MV for ‘CROOKED’ Filmed in England”


“GD breaks actually cries for a scene while acting… To be revealed on Sept 5”

The leader of the 5-boy band, BIGBANG (consisting of members G-DRAGON (GD), T.O.P, TAEYANG, DAESUNG & SEUNGRI), GD, is in the midst of releasing new songs from his latest solo album. It is said that the music video of his other title song “CROOKED” was filmed on a grand scale in England.

At noon of September 5, GD released the rest of the 7 songs (from track #6-12) in his 2nd regular album COUP D’ETAT on South Korean music websites.

The two songs ‘CROOKED’ and ‘Niliria’ (GD’s version) which are listed as #7 and #8 on the track are the two title songs of the unveiled album. The two songs are co-written and composed by GD and YG Entertainment’s main producer Teddy.

The founder of GD’s agency YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, told Star News in the morning, “Today (Sept 5) at noon ‘CROOKED’ will be unveiled with its music video. This music video was filmed in England, which was a grand-scale one that required a budget of about 3 to 4 times larger than YG’s usual music videos.”

He added, “GD was a great actor. He actually cried for a scene while acting. He put on 16 different outfits in total for the music video, which made him look like an English boy.”

The CEO of the agency did not hold back on giving complement to GD for his impressive latest album and excellent performance. The newest album was divided into two parts, of which the first (from track #1 to 5) was released at noon on September 2. The title songs of Part 1 ‘BLACK’ and ‘WHO YOU?’ topped music charts not only in South Korea but also overseas.

Yang continued, “GD is someone who holds a wide range of charms, ready to entice the audience. The fact that we chose 4 of his songs as the title ones shows how remarkable his album is.”

“I closely watched him putting a lot of thoughts in each one of the song for his album, so the explosive response from the public is evermore gratifying,” he carried on, “the rest of the songs to be released are also the fruit of GD’s unflagging work.”

GD will be releasing different versions of ‘WINDOW’ and ‘BLACK’ on September 13, while his 2nd solo regular album goes on sale offline on the same day.

Source: YG Life


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