Seungri Up For Self Criticism on SNL


BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI, who successfully made his transition from a boy to a man, will be appearing on tvN’s SNL KOREA on September 7 to show how real ‘self-criticism’ should be done.

Ahn Sang Hwee, the Chief Producer of the show commented, “I heard BIGBANG is a huge fan of SNL KOREA and they watch it together every week. SEUNGRI would be representing the group when he appears on the show. In a recent meeting he came up with a range of bold ‘self-criticizing’ jokes which surprised the staff members. His effort makes everyone feel more enthusiastic.”

On the day SEUNGRI appears on the program, it is expected to draw in even wider audience as it is the first week singer Yoo Hee Yeol kicks off the exclusive delivery of ‘Weekend Update’ as a new member of the show. Many are curious to see how the singer will compete against Shin Dong Yeop, a comedian known for his sexually provocative jokes.

SEUNGRI’s monumental transformation and Yoo Hee Yeol’s joining of the show will be aired at 11p.m. on SNL KOREA on September 7.

Source: OSEN
Credits & Translations: YG Life Blog


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