Seungri: “Daesung has 3 personal financial planners”


Seungri showed his trust for fellow Big Bang member, Daesung.

On September 3, Seungri was a guest on Kim Shin Young‘s MBC radio show, where he revealed, “If I were to lend someone money, I think I can lend it to Daesung.”

Seungri said, “Daesung has two or three financial planners for himself. He has meetings with them at least once a week. Just like this name, I think he will achieve great things.” In Korean, “dae sung” also means, “achieve greatness; be accompished.”

Seungri continued, “I don’t think I can lend money to TOP. TOP loves furniture shopping. He spends a lot of money on his home interior. He purchases really expensive furniture that people can’t even sit on from Italy or Paris. If I lend him money, I think he’ll end up using it to buy furniture.”

Meanwhile, Seungri along with G-Dragon and Daesung were confirmed to appear on “Running Man.”

Source: Soompi



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