GD’s ‘Crooked’ Tops 6 Charts 2 Hours After Its Release: ‘GD vs GD2’



BIGBANG’s leader G-DRAGON’s PART 2 of COUP D’ETAT, his 2nd regular solo album, climbed up the rank in the blink of an eye to stand in the top range immediately after its release.

On September 5, GD released the 7 songs in the 2nd part of his latest regular album COUP D’ETAT on online music sites, including the title song ‘CROOKED’ to ‘NILIRIA,’ ‘SHAKE THE WORLD,’ ‘RUN AWAY,’ ‘I LOVE IT,’ and ‘YOU DO’.

The title song ‘CROOKED’ topped 6 South Korean music charts including Melon, Bugs, Soribada and Naver Music out of the 9 most prominent ranking lists in just 2 short hours after its release. ‘COUP D’ETAT’, which was released on September 2, still stays at the very top on Monkey 3’s chart.

On Mnet, Soribada and Bugs music charts, G-DRAGON is lining up his songs from both PART 1 and 2 on the charts.

‘CROOKED’ is GD’s co-written and composed song with YG’s main producer Teddy. When its music video and GD’s performance were first revealed at his G-DRAGON 2013 WORLD TOUR ONE OF A KIND: THE FINAL concert on September 1 in Seoul Bangi-dong, it received an explosive reaction from the crowd. Kicking off with a peculiar string sound, the song does not lose its rhythmic beat along strong rock until the very end.

The release of PART 2, followed by PART 1’s release on September 2, is firing up the music world while knocking down all the charts.

YG Entertainment, GD’s agency, commented, “We are expecting a somewhat bizarre competition of GD vs GD2. PART 2, like the previous one, is heavily coated with his unique color. You will not be disappointed when you see GD’s musical capacity and talents.”

Meanwhile, GD will be making a comeback performance on SBS-TV’s Inkigayo on September 8. On the 13th, his regular album goes on sale offline. In this album, 14 tracks will be included containing different versions of ‘WINDOW’ and ‘BLACK.’

Source: YG Life




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