‘Who You?’ vs ‘Black’ Competition Between G-Dragon’s Title Tracks


G-Dragon’s title tracks “Who You?” and “Black” compete with each other on music charts.

“Who You?” ranked 1st on the daily charts of Melon, Cyworld, Daum, and Olleh, while “Black” is number one on Bugs Music, Soribada, Naver Music, and Mnet.

“Who You?” also hit the highest point on Melon in terms of “the most streamed song over a 24-hour period”. Mnet and Naver’s daily charts are also dominated by G-Dragon’s new songs from first to fifth place.

A source from his agency said, “G-Dragon’s songs swept real-time music charts for two days. He swept all major charts and even daily charts. The double title tracks “Who You?” and “Black” and the other tracks all rank high, showing how popular they are.”

G-Dragon is to release 7 new songs including his title tracks “Crooked” and the G-Dragon-only version of “Niliria” on September 5.

Source: TV Report via Naver


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