G-Dragon Tells Suzy to Buy His Song From His New Mini Album “COUP D`ETAT”


Big Bang‘s G-Dragon had a short answer for miss A‘s Suzy when she complimented one of the tracks on his new mini album, “Coup D-Etat.”

On September 3 Suzy wrote on her Twitter, “Black. The song is good. Black, black.” Suzy was referring to one of the tracks on G-Dragon’s new mini album.

G-Dragon replied back on Twitter with a short and curt message: “Then go buy it.” Perhaps he felt that his reply was too brusque because he deleted his tweet not too long after.

Netizens who caught the tweet before it was deleted remarked that “G-Dragon is a cool guy, “The two must know each other,” and “I wonder how Suzy would have responded.”

Recently, G-Dragon gave a performance on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” and will release a new album on September 13 with remix versions of “Window” and “Black.” Suzy was seen filming for the Idol Olympics.



Source: Soompi


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