G-Dragon Donates to Create a Fish Farm in Haiti


Always thinking of something new and unique to do, Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be helping out to send a fish farm all the way to Haiti.

Since 2009, YG Entertainment has been running its goodwill campaign, ‘YG With,’ helping out those in need. Following the finale of his One of a Kind world tour, G-Dragon decided to work with YG With to send a fish farm to Haiti, partnering up with the organization Good Way With Us and its campaign ‘Fish 4 Life.’

‘Fish 4 Life’ is a worldwide project that will help the citizens of Haiti get back on their feet financially by creating facilities for fish farming.

At the concerts held on August 31 and September 1, G-Dragon had a YG With booth set up, where fans were given opportunities to win prizes with small donations. The donations will be used towards creating a fish farm in Haiti under G-Dragon′s name.

Donations to help G-Dragon can also be sent in through U Can Funding.

Source: Mnet



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