G-Dragon to Release His Album Successively Plus Tracklist



The release and the sale of G-Dragon‘s second solo album will be happening successively.

On September 1st, the CEO of YG Entertainment Yang Hyung Suk met with reporters after ‘G-Dragon 2013 World Tour ONE OF A KIND: the Final’.

CEO Yang said, “On the 2nd, about half of the 13 tracks of the album will be released. Other than ‘Niliria’ that was done with Missy Eliott, G-Dragon’s solo ‘Niliria’ will be also released.”

He also revealed that ‘Coup d’état’ and ‘Perversely‘, which were released at G-Dragon’s concert, are not the title songs of the album. He added an explanation to the release of the album, “We are planning on releasing the rest of the album on the 5th, and starting the album sale on the 13th.”

Regarding the delay of the album release, he said, “Jiyong wanted to make a perfect album, so revisions had to be made several times.”

At the concert, G-Dragon first released the music videos of ‘Coup d’état’ and ‘Perversely’, and grabbed the attention of the fans.

Also, G-Dragon aroused the curiosity of his fans by telling them, “I am not exactly sure when the new album will be released.”


Source: Osen via bbupdates
Translated by: @IBEUNJN


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