Seungri Says Clara Turned Down a Dinner with Him


What would you do if you were asked out to dinner by Big Bang′s Seungri?

Clara actually got asked out, but she was too busy to take up the offer.

Seungri talked about how he was turned down by Clara on the August 27 broadcast of The Hwashin Live.

The singer said, “A friend first asked me if I would like to be friends with Clara, and so I said I would be thankful. The friend told me Clara knew I would be contacting her, so I texted her and asked if we could grab a meal together.”

He was, however, turned down. In a previous broadcast, Clara had said, “I was hit on by about six or seven celebrities. There was also a male idol. I turned him down saying I was busy.”

The male idol turned out this day to be Seungri.

“She texted back, ′Thank you, but I′m a bit busy.′ So I just sent her a smile (^^),” Seungri said.

Clara explained, “I was waiting for his call, and I really wanted to see him but I had to turn him down because I was working.”

She then asked, “What do you say to a get-together today after?” to which Seungri jokingly shot back, “I′m a bit busy.”

The Hwashin Live was a live version of the variety show Incarnation (Hwashin). It featured Seungri, Clara, Kim Jun Ho and Kim Dae Hee, and aired live without any edits.

Photo credit: SBS
Source: Mwave


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