Seungri Prefers Breaking Up Over the Phone



There are many bad ways to break up with someone, and Big Bang’s Seungri uses one of them.

On August 27’s broadcast of SBS’ Incarnation Live, the Big Bang member talked a little about his dating ways.

“I’m a pretty bold person [when it comes to dating],” said Seungri. “If there’s a person that I like, I’ll go up to her and ask her out.” He shared that he’s actually dated by actively approaching a girl.

However, it turns out his bold personality shrivels up when a relationship is not working and it’s evident that it needs to end.

“When I’m about to break up with someone, it’s hard for me to break it up,” said Seungri. “I’m afraid that I’ll back out, so I usually call to end a relationship. I wanted to leave the other person with good memories, but I don’t think it’s a very clean breakup.”

He then asked the viewers what breakup methods are the best, but due to the lack of time, the MCs offered two options – breaking up in person or by phone.

The results showed that 76 percent of the viewers believed breaking up in person is the more gentle way.

Photo Credit: SBS
Source: Mwave


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