Seungri Addresses Japanese Scandal and Big Bang Members′ Reactions


Big Bang’s Seungri made headlines in 2012 when a Japanese magazine implicated him in a sex scandal, and the Big Bang member has decided to talk a little about the risky topic on live television a year later.

On August 27, Seungri appeared on SBS’ Incarnation, after the program changed its format to a live broadcast, leaving no room for mistakes.

Seungri bravely addressed the scandal as the MCs cautiously raised the topic.

“A week before the scandal broke out, we received news from the magazine,” said Seungri. Although he didn’t know why he was going to be in the magazine, he knew that only people of huge fame get featured in the magazine, so while it was a reminder of how far he′s come, he prepared himself for the worst.

“It was my first scandal ever, but it was such a huge scandal that I was completely caught off guard and felt a bit scared.”

As he debuted at a young age and was stamped as Big Bang’s youngest, Seungri added that after the scandal, the way people saw him changed. “It was like [the scandal] knocked on the door for me to become an adult.”

When asked about the reactions of the Big Bang members, Seungri didn’t mention any names, but said, “One member just wrote, ‘kekekekekekekekke.’ Another jokingly wrote, ‘You’re something else,’ and supported me.”

Yang Hyun Suk didn′t say much to Seungri about the scandal.

The MCs asked Seungri what his past girlfriends said about the incident, and Seungri said he didn’t really get any feedback from past girlfriends, but one person did send him a text saying, “You’re not usually like that.”

Photo Credit: SBS, Online Community
Source: Mwave


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