WIN: An Evaluation for the First Episode


Eight years after the debut of Korea’s leading boy group, Big Bang, and four years after 2NE1, YG Entertainment finally released “WIN”, a new reality survival show that features two teams that will fight for the most coveted price of debuting on their own stage as artists in 3 months after the end of the show.

The show is reminiscent of Big Bang’s Documentary before debut. It started with a few artists under the entertainment company sharing their own insights for the show. The only difference is that the members are not fighting for their individual survival, but are fighting against the other team. It is expected that it is going to be a showdown between both teams, and the show will highlight both teams’ strengths and weaknesses as a group. In the end, the surviving team will be hailed as the ultimate WINNER to debut after the show’s end.

Psy, 2NE1, Lee Hi, Big Bang and some other YG crew as well as those long-time coaches under YG made appearances on the show.


We would like to make our own assessments based on the first episode of WIN, and we will try to evaluate the members (though we don’t know them that much as of this time) base on their performance on the show.

These boys will carry on YG’s legacy and responsibility for the years to come.


Team A features five members including YG rookie solo artist Kang Seung Yoon, and Lee Seung Hoon of the reality show “K-Pop Star.”


Kang Seung Yoon started out as a rockstar that has an apparent difficulty in dancing as he entered YG Entertainment. He improved greatly after 3 years of training. It was also shown that during the show, he was busy with his debut, as his team carry on with their training without him.

That could be one of the few reasons, why Team A is a little bit behind Team B on the first episode of the show. Nevertheless, the first team had a great performance albeit YG’s uncompromising harsh criticism.

Lee Seung Hoon, another K-Pop Star product like KSY showed a different aura on the show, contrary to his hilarious audition on Kpop Star. He was taken in by YG despite his less of precision and skill in both rap and vocals.

He’s hilarious, you better see this audition of his with the YG family:

Seung Hoon is the boy who lived at a rooftop room near YG Building, who dreams of joining YG since high school. His dreams came into reality after his elimination from Kpop Star.

Though lacking in both vocals and rap skills, he excels in choreography – a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. He has unique dancing ability that he tries to incorporate with his team. One thing that he has to work on as well is his stage fright…and his accent. He has to drop that accent.

Song Minho is the appointed leader of Team A. Apparently, Team A has no leader at the start. After the group’s performance, YG himself appointed Minho as the leader of the group. YG must have noticed the teams uncoordinated and less stellar performance.

Team A performed really well, but their performance rates short compared to the video YG released sometime ago before the start of WIN. They were perfect on that video.

Back to Minho, we find his resemblance to GD quite amusing. For sure he wasn’t appointed as a leader because of that, as he elevated his team’s performance in front of YG – his expression and natural take on their song was excellent. He stepped it up at that time along with KSY. I only see both of him and KSY bringing something more on the table.

Have to say this, Minho is G-Dragon with a Taeyang style. He is very competitive, to the point that his statement was taken by Team B as a declaration of war against their team. With that competitive spirit, we’ll expect more pressure within Team A. Minho must bring the group together!

Kim Jinwoo was the guy who made headlines after the first episode was shown. He is the most hardworking, sleeping less and training more but only garnered a less satisfactory evaluation from YG. According to YG, his facial expressions are too much – it doesn’t look natural at all. We somehow agree a little on this, but his efforts have to be credited that’s why this guy needs more chances to grow. He made us crying popcorns…gosh!

According to YG, he is the guy that suffered so many setbacks and he really works hard. Surviving WIN could be his last chance. Poor guy…

Nam Taehyun for us gives out a very sensitive aura. He looks like the guy who cries all the time. YG evaluated him as too over the top, and that he has been told over and over again about his weaknesses.

YG’s Team A Assessment: You (Team A) were boring. Your dance was supposed to be fun, but you don’tlook fun. When you dance powerfully, you didn’ just pretended to be fun or powerful. Team A lacks unity and needs a much better teamwork. YG pointed out their lack of leader is the biggest problem and that’s why Team B gets the upperhand for now.


Team B is the much younger team with members’ age ranging between 16-17.


B.I or Hanbin is an excellent trainee that reminds us of G-Dragon when he was only starting out. Like GD, Hanbin started young. According to Kang Seung Yoon, he is the guy that is capable of bruising their egos. He excels in both dancing and rapping, and he is the leader of Team B. He has good leadership and their teamwork propelled the team to excel more. Hanbin’s leadership holds and unites the team together. This could be the reason why Team B was able to beat Team A on this first episode.

His flow, his style…it’s a fact that Hanbin is worthy of debut even without this survival show. He is more ready, compared to the rest.

Nearing the end of the show, it seems that the guys were closely monitored with cameras all over their dorm. A flashback of their audition videos were also shown on the show.

A BTS of KSY’s debut was also shown. The looks on his team’s faces were priceless. That segment shows the side of the group as dreamers. They are after all, the future of YG.

The first episode features more Team A members, so for now, we’ll skip Team B and focus more on them after the succeeding episodes.

…to be continued

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Source : YG UNITED


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