Seungri Reveals He Used to Stress When Yang Hyun Suk Called Him ‘ya’ Rather by His Name


Sitting down for an interview, Seungri opened up about his days as a trainee and how much things have changed since then, specifically mentioning the change in the way his boss Yang Hyun Suk sees him.

Seungri shared in an interview, ”If I were to go back to my trainee days, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. When I was a rookie, I felt pressure from the lack of attention.”

“Yang Hyun Suk would call me, ‘ya’ [‘hey you’], inside the agency headquarters. I mean I have a name, so it upset me. CEO Yang only remembers the people who do well, and only asks for the name of those he likes. It was really stressful.”

“During the six months after I entered YGE, I would either be called ‘ya’ or by the color of the outfit I was wearing such as ‘red’. At one point, my name really became ‘red’. I think the current trainees probably receive stress from that as well.

“However, that has all changed. Having come to respect Seungri, Yang Hyun Suk even gave him the freedom to take control of his own album.

“CEO Yang Hyun Suk didn’t touch much of my album production this time. Not because he didn’t have any interest in me but because he trusted that I would take care of things well myself. Upon seeing how I was making it, he started to let me handle it on my own more and more. CEO Yang is definitely not that kind of person, but he consulted with me. Maybe it’s because he considers me as an artist, but he would ask me about when I wanted it released and about my opinions. I can’t put into words how happy that made me feel.”.

Source + image: TV Daily via Nate
Credits & Translations: Allkpop


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