Se7en and Other Celebrity Recruits Served Less Prison Sentence


Se7en and Sangchu spent 10 days in military jail as everything expected, but it turns out that originally, they were supposed to serve 12 days.

An insider in the Minstry of Defense told media outlet Sports Seoul, “After inspecting the situation of the management of the celebrity recruits, it was discovered that the celebrity recruits’ sentences were decreased by 1-2 days than the original sentence. It was said that the celebrity recruits’ confessions were extenuated, and that was why their punishments were adjusted, but now the Ministry of Defense cannot avoid accusations that they are favoring the celebrity recruits.”

According to documents that Sports Seoul received, the recruits were supposed to get either 5 days or 12 days, but ended up getting 4 days and 10 days.

A representative in the Ministry of Defense said, “We took into account the point that the celebrity recruits were deeply regretful, so the punishments were lower than the original. However, as you can tell from their confessions, they admit their faults but they blame their mistake on the environment that they couldn’t help it, and we did not feel like they were actually sincere. There are no legal problems, but this seems like a case of favoritism.”

Source: Sports Seoul via akp


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