Behind the Scenes of Seungri’s Comeback on M! Countdown

‘Strong Baby’ is back. Seungri from Big Bang came back as a solo singer. On August 22, he finished his first performance on Mnet’s Mcountdown. Seungri announced the beginning of the promotion of his solo album by performing his self-composed songs ‘GG Be’ and ‘Gotta Talk to U‘.

Seungri, who came back as a solo singer, still has the talent. His easygoing stage manners heated the atmosphere. The three-year vacancy and the pressure of being alone turned out to be nothing. There was a reason. He thoroughly checked this costumes and paid attention to every detail of his performance during the rehearsal.

What are Seungri’s secrets behind his success? We took a close look at his comeback performance.

Let us turn back the clock to 1 pm on August 22.


This is Seungri’s waiting room in CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Seungri prepared for his first TV appearance at the same place with rapper San E and rookie Bumkey. His name ‘Seungri’ written on the door finally made me believe that he was coming back. We opened the door and entered the waiting room. Follow me~


The first thing that caught my eyes was this flower basket. The words, ‘Congrats on Seungri’s comeback. We are ready to dance,’ are clearly written. His fan club gave him a present to congratulate his first TV appearance. Seungri placed the flowers in the middle of a table and appreciated them, charging his energy to the fullest.

Well, the start of his preparation for his performance in full swing now.

Seungri Secret 1. “I” check everything: He cannot let down his guard for the chance to meet his fans. No wonder he wanted to look gorgeous. Seungri checked his hairstyle, makeup, and costumes himself. He paid attention even to the direction of a strand of his hair. He finally checked himself in the mirror thoroughly.


It is essential to check your hairstyle before going on stage. The same goes to Seungri. He touched his own hair and styled it. His eyes show his determination not to miss a single strand of his hair.


No problem with the costume check. Seungri took care of his stage costumes without the help of stylists. He is wearing suspenders. Can you see his edgy fingers?


Hairstyle, makeup, and costumes are all set. Seungri checked himself in the mirror right before he went on stage. He made sure he looked perfect by checking himself in different angles.


Seungri Secret 2. Rehearsal like a real thing: A rehearsal is a must for a perfect performance. Seungri did his best as if he was on a real recording when his song “GG Be” was played. He checked the movement of the camera with eyes of a hawk! It was impressive that he went through the dance moves with the dancing team once again.


It is his rehearsal. It is his practice performance. Seungri was different. He did his best as if he were performing for real. He smiled and made an eye contact with the camera, thoroughly checking its movement.


He is engrossed in singing. Seungri did his best in the live rehearsal probably to warm up his voice. It was impressive that he stably sang live despite endless dance moves.


He is thorough with dance practice. He did not miss a single move from the fingertip to the toe. Compare him with the dancers. Seungri’s dancing skills are as excellent as theirs. The hilarious face is a bonus.


Seungri Secret 3. YG’s extensive support: There is a short break after a rehearsal. During the break time, YG’s extensive support was seen. The costume team, choreography team, and even his fitness trainer showed up and checked Seungri’s condition. Thanks to such support, Seungri could perform in his best condition.


After the rehearsal, hairstyle and makeup staff members rushed to Seungri. They scans him to find any ruffled hair or runny makeup and to correct them.


The choreography team is Seungri’s strong supporter. They replayed the rehearsing video with Seungri and went through the moves again. They talked about the moves in detail and reviewed them once more.


Can you recognize him there? You are right. YG’s dedicated fitness trainer Hwang Ssabu accompanied Seungri for the first TV appearance. He stretched Seungri’s body for him to keep the best condition. They are indeed the YG Family.


Seungri Secret 4. VIP’s power: Before the recording of the show, fans, the most important factor, should not be missed out. The fan club VIP entered the hall in an orderly manner. They supported Seungri by shaking the placards saying ‘Let’s talk about love’ and ‘Love Seungri’ with their crown-shaped yellow cheering sticks.


“Oppa, we are on our way to see you”


Seungri’s first TV recording took place at around 1:30 pm. It was very muggy that day due to a series of heat waves. Fans visited the concert hall early in the morning, nevertheless. They have an amazing passion for Seungri.

VIP had so much power. When the interlude of Seungri’s new song ‘GG Be’ came out, a loud sound of cheers were heard. Voices saying “Oppa” or “Fighting” were heard from here and there.


Seungri Secret 5. Easygoing during performance: When fans gathered, Seungri finally showed up on stage. When the song ‘GG Be’ was played, he presented a cool performance with no sign of nervousness. He made eye contact with fans and made an edgy pose. He is such a stage person.


He is a professional. Seungri’s eyes changed as soon as he came up to the stage. He made eye contact with fans while singing in a relaxed manner. A stage person is different indeed.


His way of using the sage was outstanding. Seungri widely used the front, back, left and right side of the stage. He made a cool angle from the camera. He was so passionate that he did not let go of his microphone until the end.


“Where are you now?”


“This bad GG Be~ GG Be~”


Seungri Secret 6. Fan service king: Seungri finished the recording, but he did not get off the stage right away. Seeing his fans in a long time, he may have felt so excited. The truth is that he’s a king of fan service. He always cares about fans anytime and anywhere. This may be the secret behind Seungri’s excellent performance.


His fan service was exceptional. On his way back to the waiting room, Seungri put together his hands to express gratitude to fans. It looks cool for him to take care of his fans who supported him.


He was not reluctant to have a talk with fans. After the recording, he induced cheers by saying, “Make some noise,” and then asked to fans, “How old are you?” or “Where are you from?” like a boy next door.


He sang for fans as well. Seungri sang another song live without instrument accompaniment, apart from the two songs he performed. VIP could not hide their smiles of joy.


“VIP, you are the best”

Bonus shots:

Seungri’s recording ended in a moment. It is too sad to end like this, isn’t it? So Dispatch prepared the following for fans. Seungri’s ‘best shots’. The first one is after he safely finished the first TV recording. Seungri is cheerfully smiling with the lunchbox from fans in his hands.


“Fans, thank you for the luchbox!”


“The chin line. I know the feeling~”


Beautiful smile until the end.


“Tell me that you did not skip class to be here.”


“My sweet voice is still the same, isn’t it?””



“Promise me that you will keep watching my performances”

Source and Translation: Dispatch via bbupdates


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