2NE1 Becomes Cuter and Bubblier on Inkigayo, Filling Stage with Charms


2NE1 does not stop becoming cuter or bubblier.

On SBS’s Inkiagyo, which was aired on August 25, 2NE1 passionately performed ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’. They showed off their charms by dancing along the fun rhythm in a summer dress that cooled down the summer heat.

They drew attention with their charisma, but also looking very comfortable on stage. But their remarkable singing was what heated up the stage most.

‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ is a fruit borne by YG’s main producer Teddy, with each of 2NE1’s member’s voice creating a harmony along the upbeat rhythm.

Currently 2NE1 is releasing a new song every month, starting from ‘FALL IN LOVE’ in July. Their August song, ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’, has already topped major music charts and still stays at the top range.

Source: YG Life Blog


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