BigBang’s Competitors Are Within The Group: Members Release Series of Solo Albums


BIGBANG, a boy group consisting of members G-DRAGON (GD), TAEYANG, T.O.P., DAESUNG and SEUNGRI, have proven their borderless popularity countless times.

BIGBANG celebrated their 7th anniversary a few days ago, and the members now face a situation that they have never experienced before. Out of the 5 members, 3 will be releasing their solo albums around the same time in South Korea. But BIGBANG members are trying to enjoy the situation rather than feeling the pressure. They think of each other as a helpful competitor who can push each other forward.

BIGBANG’s youngest SEUNGRI released his 2nd mini solo album titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ on August 19 at noon (Korean time) on music stores across South Korea.

The album topped iTunes Top Album charts in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei immediately after its release.

On August 21, the third day of his title song ‘GOTTA TALK TO U’ release, the song is still ranking the top on South Korean major music sites.

Thus it is safe to say that SEUNGRI successfully kicked off the beginning of BIGBANG members’ solo album release relay in the later half of this year.

YG Entertainment, the agency to which BIGBANG belongs, told Star News on August 21, “Although this is SEUNGRI’s solo album, he took into consideration the reputation of BIGBANG. This is why he worked extra hard on this latest album.”

They added, “This does not only apply to SEUNGRI but the rest of the solo album releasing members, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG as well. They are competitors for each other, helping each other move forward and work harder.

“The competition is helping the artists make better music. But since their friendship is so unwavering, they rely on each other a lot as well.”

In fact, GD and TAEYANG featured in SEUNGRI’s first song in the album titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ to cheer him on. And the song ranked within the top 200 in 8 different countries on the iTunes Top Singles Song category instantly after its release.

This is a prime example that demonstrates their solid friendship.

SEUNGRI even wrote on Facebook, “I was in charge of wiring, composing and producing all the songs, but this is an album of BIGBANG. For the last 8 years, I grew up listening to the music produced by GD and I was greatly influenced by it.”

He added, “I learned a lot from other members as well, and I wanted to put everything I learned into this album. As the youngest of BIGBANG, I wanted to produce an album that would not hurt the reputation of BIGBANG.”

GD, the leader and producer of the team, will be receiving the baton from SEUNGRI and release his solo album soon.

He will be releasing his 2nd solo regular album before this month ends. Initially he was planning to release it on his birthday, August 18, but he decided to spend more time into making the album an even more perfect one.

Like SEUNGRI did, GD is fully in charge of producing the entire songs in this latest album. The album is already drawing much attention as America’s hip-hop legend Missy Elliott is featuring.

Right after the release of his album, GD will be holding an exclusive 2-day concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena on August 31 and September 1.

And last but not least, at the beginning of September, TAEYANG, the all-rounder who can both sing and perform, returns with his 2nd regular album.

TAEYANG, for a long period of time, has travelled back and forth from South Korea to the U.S. to work with several musicians on his newest album. He, like the other two members, is in charge of producing his entire album. The fans will see that he has completely devoted himself into album production when the songs are released.

As seen from this, the members are acting as a catalyst for each other to help work harder and produce better music. They are bonded with trust and friendship. It is no surprise that fans await for their albums so excitedly.

Source: YG Life Blog


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