Seungri’s Rated R M/V Teaser ‘Too Much?’

As Big Bang member Seungri’s comeback date approaches, the teaser for his new music video has been unveiled.

On the morning of August 16,YG Entertainment revealed a teaser video of Seungri’s music video for his new song “Let’s Talk About Love” via YG’s official blog.

Seungri does not appear in the teaser. Instead, a model and a man appear looking to be performing promiscuous activities. There are scenes where the man seems to be touching her breasts and pulling her underwear down.

Even though Seungri’s song is not rated R itself, it has been hinted at that this rated R music video will have something to do with the music video for his title song “I Have Something to Say”. The song “I Have Something to Say” has been described as a fast tempo, house song. The music video has been said to be directed by Han Sa Min, who directed Big Bang’s music videos for “Blue”, “Bad Boy” and “Monster”.

Seungri’s “Let’s Talk About Love” will be released for sale online on August 19.

Source: kpopstarz


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