Seungri Not Just the Youngest Big Bang Member Anymore

Big Bang’s Seungri has released a comeback teaser photo that shows off his masculinity.

On August 13, YG Entertainment’s official blog featured a teaser photo of Seungri’s comeback. In the photo Seungri is sporting an up-do hairstyle and high waist fashion, radiating a modern charm.

Seungri is having a solo comeback in two and a half years, and will be releasing his second mini album ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ on August 19. On it will be his title song ‘I Have Something to Say,’ as well as ‘GG Be,’ ‘There’s No Such Thing,’ ‘YOU HOOOO!!!’ and more.

‘I Have Something to Say’ is a fast-paced tempo house-style song, and its music video was directed by Director Han Sa Min, who also directed Big Bang’s ‘Blue.’ G-Dragon and Taeyang, who helped write the song and lyrics, are also featured in the intro.

Seungri highlights his singer songwriter skills in this album, as he has written and produced each one of the songs on his new mini album. In 2011, for his first mini album, Seungri himself produced the album, and wrote six of the seven songs. But he’s taken it one step further by composing and producing all the songs in his second mini album.

His album will be released via online charts on August 19, and will be available on and offline nationwide on August 21.

Source: kpopstarz


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