Seungri Talks About Love For The First Time: “I’m 24, Now Ready to Talk About Love…”

BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI talks about love for the first time, just a few days prior to his comeback.

On August 13, SEUNGRI wrote on his Facebook page, “I introduce you the first song of my 2nd mini album titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’. It wasn’t too hard for me to come up with this theme. The topic that fans and public find most approachable is love. So I wanted to fill my album with songs about love.”

He added, “I’m 24. This is the perfect time to have some good conversation about love. Yes, love. I don’t know whether it was love or not, but I’ve been happy and been hurt too. Perhaps it was love.”

“A love song sang by three handsome guys. SEUNGRI, G-DRAGON and TAEYANG. The three names combined may sound a little awkward, but not completely unfamiliar. We were working on our own solo album around the same time, so it was only natural that we bumped into each other at the studio a lot.

“I always wanted to work with my team members. Simply imagining it made me happy. Classy beat and simple musical instruments; those were all I needed. I came up with my part, and they came up with theirs. Ji-young produced awesome rap, while TAEYANG produced the bridge and great melody.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Although they were my team members, I felt like I was working with some other artists. It was like the two were coloring in the picture I drew. Because these two great artists helped me, I have much confidence in this album. Hopefully this will heighten the expectations of the fans for their upcoming solo albums”

Lastly, he said, “Ji-yong (GD), Young-bae (TAEYANG), I love you. Really.”

SEUNGRI’s new album ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE’ will be unveiled online first on August 19, and the album will go on sale on different on/offline music stores across South Korea on August 21.

Source: YG Life Blog


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